Conny Ottway
Knoxville, tn | c: 270.227.3896 | p: 865.288.3634


"When there's music in your heart, you just have to let it out!"

Being raised in a musical family, it was natural for all of us to sing and play instruments. I believe everyone can enjoy playing music, they may just not have had the opportunity to learn, yet. It's never too late!

New scientific studies have shown that early musical training shapes children's growing brains and boosts their learning power, aiding in the development of logic, abstract thinking, memory and creativity. That's very interesting, because more than 2300 years ago, Plato said, "Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education and children should be taught music before anything else."

Are smart people drawn to the arts, or does arts training make people smarter? There are studies that have shown children motivated in the arts develop attention skills and strategies for memory retrieval that also apply to other areas.

In the Mozart Effect, we all learned how listening to Mozart's music during study and testing enabled better scores from students. That was great news to me, as I love classical music and learned to appreciate it from an early age.

Recent studies have shown that being active in a musical activity can improve your immune function, raise your energy levels, build self-confidence, and reduce stress. This study also proves that it is never too late to start learning a musical instrument to gain these benefits.

So, what are you waiting for?

My First Fiddle Picking Songs Ebook/CD set

by Steve Kaufaman & Conny Ottway

This fun and easy bluegrass fiddle book and CD takes you from the very beginning. Starting with an introduction to the instrument, the book teaches you basic fiddle technique such as holding the bow, and provides scales and exercises setting the foundation for the repertoire found in the book. Featuring classics such as "Boil E'm Cabbage Down", "Cripple Creek" and "Old Joe Clark", this book will get you playing in no time!

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